Seasoned local traveler and aspiring travel agent, Teri Kluball, hails from the heart of Livermore, California. Her innate passion for connecting people with personalized, enchanting travel experiences fuels her journey in the travel industry. Teri's adept understanding of intimate family vacations and her meticulous research abilities cement her dedication to creating tailored dream vacations. She showcases a mastery over various customer needs spanning frugal adventurers, luxury connoisseurs, and family groups. Cruise journeys, especially around the resplendent landscapes of Hawaii and Italy, captivate her interest. Extending from her advanced ties with acclaimed travel companies, such as the Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Line, she takes pride in being a well-credentialed Hawaii Specialist and a graduate of the Royal Caribbean International University. Trust in Teri to translate her expansive knowledge into stunning travel experiences that exceed her clients' expectations.

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